Melchor-Quick Meeting House is a place to share information about the history and culture of African American families in Cumberland County.  As we invite other families to join us in exhibiting and sharing family history, we begin with the display of images and stories about the Melchor and Quick families.

The oldest Melchors for whom we have photographs are Gracie and Paul Melchor.  The invitation to their wedding is shown below.  The clippings that follow are from newspaper articles that include information about Dr. Paul Melchor.


Gracie Perry Melchor

paul melchor photo & article
Paul N. Melchor, M.D.

Paul Melchor photo & article scan0230.jpg

Dr. & Mrs. Paul N. Melchor were parents of a son, Warren, and a daughter, Ocia, who married and had children and grandchildren, many of whom continued their lives in Fayetteville.

Ocia Melchor Smith

When Ocia Melchor was born on April 23, 1893, in Cumberland County, North Carolina, her father, Paul, was 27, and her mother, Grace, was 30. She married John Troy Smith on June 28, 1922, in Cumberland County, North Carolina. They had five children during their marriage. She died on February 27, 1966, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, at the age of 72, and was buried there.